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Mike Leach shares the two things that set Nick Saban apart from other coaches

Mike Leach believes two things set Nick Saban on a different level from other coaches, and they have nothing to do with scheme.

Nick Saban's Alabama teams have not been kind historically to the team that stands in their path after a loss. That's where Mike Leach and Mississippi State find themselves this week as the Tide look to get back on track after a heartbreaking loss to Texas A&M last weekend.

At his presser yesterday, Leach was asked what sets Saban apart from other coaches, and what puts him on another level, and he provided an interesting answer.

You might think Leach would give a tip of the cap to Saban's defensive acumen, but instead two other things jumped out to him.

"I've known him for quite a while, and what I thought he has always done best is the way he evaluates. I think that he evaluates really well because he's in a position where he can get pretty much anybody, but I think he evaluates, as far as which ones to take, very well."

"The other thing is, he's not afraid to tell somebody no, or to push somebody hard. Occasionally, someone will get some five-star All American and he's afraid to coach them. Coach Saban isn't afraid to coach that guy and push that guy."

"So I have always thought that the strongest things he did was evaluate and push guys."

Leave it to Leach to think outside the box with that answer, and his unique perspective certainly shines a different light for coaches to see what sets Saban apart.

The Bulldogs (3-2) and Crimson Tide (4-1) have a prime-time slot with a 7pm EST kickoff scheduled on Saturday.

While this comes from Saban himself and not Leach, this clip making its way around social media over the past day is fitting and perfectly timed as well.

In a piece with Tom Rinaldi, Saban shares what is on his mind as he walks from the field to the locker room to address his team following a loss.