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Mike Leach shares his thoughts, strategy on Halloween

The great thing about Mike Leach is that he's ready to share is thoughts on any subject at any time. You could ask him, today, for advice on planning a Fourth of July party and he'd give you 10 minutes on it. Approach him just before a 3rd-and-5 play call with four minutes left in the fourth quarter with a question on Napoleon's battle tactics in the War of the Third Coalition and he'd tell you to wait until after the game's over, then give you 45 minutes more than you wanted to hear.

For example, how about Leach's thoughts on stripper costumes as Halloween outfits? "I didn't even know you needed a costume to be a stripper," Leach says.

Leach dished his thoughts on Halloween at his weekly press conference this week while only being vaguely aware the actual holiday was today.

If you are that random Stanford woman who dressed up as Mike Leach for last Saturday's Stanford-Wazzu game, we want to hear from you.