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Mike Leach wants people to rally for his missing paycheck

Texas Tech owes Mike Leach $2.5 million. Or, at least Leach claims it does. Texas Tech says it doesn't owe its former coach the money, but Leach believes the school has withheld it from him since his 2009 firing, and he isn't afraid to tell anyone who will listen about it.

In fact, Leach told me about it in a 2013 interview, and his determination to get that money has only hardened as more time goes by. He has launched a 1-man Twitter campaign to get the money -- and a campaign against a Texas law that won't allow him to sue for the money -- and Leach's chase for those Benjamins has now bled over into the real world.

Leach -- or someone on his behalf -- has organized a #PayCoachLeach rally outside Jones A&T Stadium on Saturday.

Screen Shot 2017-10-19 at 6.16.24 PM

I see one problem with this right off the bat: Jones Stadium is in Lubbock, and Leach will (presumably) be in Pullman on Saturday as the team he gets paid $2.95 million to coach hosts Colorado later that day.

I'm not sure how many people will rally to get $2.5 million for a guy who isn't even at the rally and has banked upwards of $10 million since his firing but, hey, rally and ye shall receive, I guess.