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Mike Leach weighs in on candy corn - delicious or awful?: "There's a reason they only serve it once a year"

Yesterday, I posed an important question - and subsequently offered my opinion - while handing out candy to neighborhood trick-or-treaters, which led to some fun conversations.

That led to a fun debate, where more than a few pro-Sixlet fans weighed in. To my surprise there were just a few that weighed in to say that candy corn was the worst Halloween candy. Personally, I'd have to agree it's up there among the worst, but like Sixlets, candy corn has its fair share of fans that will staunchly defend it. After practice yesterday, Mike Leach weighed in on the great candy corn debate. Is it good, or garbage? Leave it to Washington State beat reporters to ask the tough questions. Leach put it in perspective as only he truly can. "I think it's just awful. It's like fruitcake," he explained. "There's a reason they only serve fruitcake once a year, because it's awful. There's a reason they only serve mint juleps once a year, because they're awful...and there's a reason they only serve candy corn once a year, because it's awful." By Leach's logic that means that jellybeans and Peeps are also awful, as well as a bunch of other seasonal you be the judge.