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Mike Leach: "We've created one of the most joyless seasons on earth. Hopefully we never repeat it."

By and large, considering at one point earlier this year we were facing the reality that we may not play any college football this season, to be where we are today where many teams have played as many as 10 games, while the 2020 football season during COVID was not ideal, most would consider it a success.

Mike Leach, on the other hand, believes that what they faced in 2020 was nothing short of a nightmare.

In the video spanning a little over two minutes (that will one day go into the Hall of Fame of The Pirate's rants), Leach spends the majority of the video talking about the challenges they faced in trying to play football this year from games being canceled, daily COVID tests for staff and players, positive tests, contact tracing, and players being forced to play out of position as well as the role that committees and politicians determining the path of the season.

"It's just the stop, and start, and just the incessant change and adjustments."

"The politicians are trying to beat their chests and maximize on this at every step, and in the end, together with all the emotion and clutter, we've created one of the most joyless seasons on earth," Leach shared at the end of his presser today.

He continued, not mincing words while sharing how he felt about how the year went during their 2-7 campaign in his first year.

"Hopefully we have the presence of mind not to repeat it this way again."

If we ever find ourselves in a situation where college football is debating whether to play or not in the middle of another global pandemic, here's to hoping that Mike Leach is willing and able to provide all of his uncensored thoughts on how to improve the process.

See Leach's full comments in the clip.

But wait. That's not it. It gets better. As only Leach can, at the conclusion of the presser, he inserts a sarcastic plug for Coca-Cola.