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Mike Locksley honors his late son Meiko with video aimed at continuing conversation around mental health

For decades there has been a stigma around mental health issues that have made it, almost taboo to talk about. Especially when we're talking about men.

Thankfully, thanks to some brave folks willing to share their story and a society that seems ready to not only hear it, but do something about it, that is beginning to change.

There may be no coach more high profile and uniquely qualified to share the message of mental health than Mike Locksley, who gained an intimate knowledge of mental health issues after his son Meiko was diagnosed with some a few years ago.

In 2017, in just the span of a few months, Meiko went from being a college athlete, to being hospitalized and originally diagnosed as bipolar, and then later diagnosed with form of schizophrenia.

Meiko was shot and killed in September of 2017, and police knocked on their door in the early morning hours to deliver the news no parent wants to hear. To this day, there are more questions than answers surrounding the incident, and no shooter or reason why has been uncovered.

The Locksley family, in a new video titled GAMECHANGERS profiles their family story from the their perspective as parents.

In his tweet sharing the video, Locksley says:

"Our goal every day is to honor our son Meiko's life by continuing the conversation around mental health. If @Klocksley and I can help another family navigate these trying circumstances, it's worth it."

It is a touching and heartbreaking story, and hearing it from coach Locksley and his wife, Kia, is powerful.

"It's important for me, as the leader of this program, to talk about the things that affect our players, our community and let it be known that it is okay to talk about. It is therapeutic for others like it has been for me," Locksley shares.