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Mike Locksley's contract has a unique provision

Courtesy of the good folk at the Washington Post, we now have some visibility into Mike Locksley's contract with Maryland.

Locks is set to make $2.5 million base per year, with $100,000 escalator each year thereafter. His initial contract term is five years; but read on...

One unique aspect of his contract is a provision stating that if he remains the head coach the day after their 2019 regular season ends, then his contract automatically extends one additional year. For all intents & purposes what this does is make his contract six years. Smart request from Locks' agent; but the downside to including such a provision (for Maryland) is if things don't work out, Maryland is now on the hook for an additional approximate $2 million of buyout given the way his buyout structure works (65% of each year remaining).

The WaPo has plenty of details about performance incentives, etc...

Go read their work.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest coaching job information.

Update: Steve Berkowitz of USA Today notes that Locks has "no duty to mitigate" should he get let go. Buyout is all his. That's good work there by his agent.