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Mike MacIntyre makes an interesting case for his job: "I could have left for three good places..."

This time of year, coaches feeling the pressure of a disappointing season being asked about their job security by the media is outright commonplace.

Colrorado's Mike MacIntyre, who led the Buffs to an impressive turnaround from 4-9 in year three to a 10-4 mark and Pac-12 South title in 2016, had been a popular name for a number of open jobs after that 10-win season. After that season he took home a number of coach of the year awards, and just a few seasons later, now in the midst of a six-game skid, he finds himself answering questions about his job security sitting at 5-6.

Most guys respond with the typical coach speak along the lines of not listening to the outside noise and being focused on the opponent of the week. However, MacIntyre ad-libbed a bit with an interesting comment at his post game presser after Colorado dropped their 6th straight game against Utah earlier today.

The moment comes at about the 55 second mark after being asked about "some rumors," and if he felt like "this was his last game."

"No, I don't feel that was my last game. We've got one more, hopefully we can win that and go to a bowl game." MacIntyre responded.

"You know, there's always rumors in this business. The thing about this business that is tough, is when you do good, everyone is asking why you're leaving. So they get mad at you when you're leaving."

"I could have left for three good places, but I stayed. That's just the way it is. Then you're losing and they want to get rid of you. So you never can win as a head coach on that, and I understand that."

Nothing like stating your case for why you deserve to stick around like reminding the media that you could have left for three other "good" jobs, but chose to stay and fan base how.

Macintyre and his Colorado squad will need to beat Cal on the road this next weekend to be bowl eligible.

See coach Mac's full comments below, and stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.