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Mike MacIntyre promised to buy former players bowl tickets, and today he reached out and followed through

When Mike MacIntyre took the job at Colorado, he understood that it was going to be a rebuilding process.

A big part of that rebuild is getting players to buy into the long-term vision of the program when it's a very real possibility that they might not be around to reap the benefits of the hard work that it takes to lay a solid foundation.

So Mike MacIntyre apparently made them a promise: Help to lay the foundation of the future success of the Colorado program, and when the team makes a bowl game, he'll get them a ticket to be sure they can share in the experience.

Today, according to Ryan Koenigsberg, MacIntyre made good on that promise and started reaching out to those former players.

Coaches that have gone in and helped rebuild a program understand the vital role that upperclassmen play in laying the foundation of the future, so it's great to see coach Mac make good on that promise so that players who helped to lay the foundation of the future success get to share in this bowl experience as much as possible. ...and that's not all.

">December 14, 2016

That's such a classy move by MacIntyre, and might be the coolest storyline of bowl season. It's certainly up there for me personally.