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Mike Norvell explains why they're filming every workout at Florida State

As many programs tend to do during the off season, Mike Norvell and his staff are using different jersey colors during workouts to publicly grade their players.

It's become an increasingly popular tactic for coaches to transparently highlight the type of work ethic it is going to take to reach their goals, while also pointing out the guys that need to improve.

Norvell and his Seminoles staff are taking things a step further to make sure those evaluations and the jerseys that go along with their grading system are as accurate as possible by filming every single one of their workouts.

After today's Tour of Duty, Norvell shared the thought process behind his approach, and how their evaluation process goes beyond just simply work ethic.

"We grade everything that we do. Everybody can talk about an expectation and what they want to be, but we get an opportunity to film everything that we do and we get a chance to see body language and response and all those things throughout a workout. So then we put people in jerseys accordingly."

Hear more from Norvell in the clip.