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Mike Norvell gets in a dig at Dabo in defending Clemson-Florida State postponement

Florida State and Clemson did not play Saturday's scheduled game in Tallahassee, a decision both sides will never agree upon.

Clemson had a player that was symptomatic at one point last week who made the trip to Tallahassee, and Florida State's doctors would not agree to let the Seminoles take the field. Clemson offered to stay the weekend, Florida State declined.

On Sunday, Dabo Swinney accused Florida State of ducking the Tigers and using COVID as cover. He then lamented all the money Clemson spent to make the trip that was effectively wasted. "That's $300,000 that's gone out the window," he said.

If the game is made up, Clemson's coach said, it should be at Clemson.

Mike Norvell responded in his regularly scheduled Monday teleconference, saying Florida State did want to play, does plan to play the makeup next month and the game will be in Tallahassee.

And if Clemson needs to pass the hat to cover the return trip to Tallahassee, Norvell says he'd be happy to contribute.

While everyone understands Clemson's frustration in gearing up for a game that didn't happen -- going as far as making the trip -- Dabo's Sunday night rant was a tough look, made even tougher by Norvell's response on Monday.

By accusing Florida State of a conspiracy, Dabo opened the door for Norvell to make the giant of the ACC look small. To talk about how we at Florida State don't take shortcuts with our players' safety, to point out the lengths FSU is going to play a game it will probably lose, and to get in a dig at an ACC program with a 9-figure budget sweating a 6-figure expenditure.

Dec. 12 will almost certainly be a win for Clemson. But Nov. 23 was a win for Florida State and Norvell.

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