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Video: A heated Mike Tomlin does his best to put an end USC speculation

"There's not a booster with a big enough blank check," Mike Tomlin shares to put an end to speculation linking him to openings at USC and LSU

Mike Tomlin has led the Steelers since 2007 and has an impressive 146-79 record to show for it with a Super Bowl title back in his second season leading the organization.

In his 14 seasons leading the team, Tomlin has never had a losing season. That is remarkable.

However, on the heels of some disappointing ends to seasons where they started the season strong and an aging quarterback (and longtime face of the franchise) in Ben Roethlisberger, speculation regarding recent openings at USC and LSU have brought Tomlin's name in as a target for some of the blue-blood jobs in college football.

Today, Tomlin did his best to put a definitive end to that speculation when asked about rumors linking him to the openings in LA and Baton Rouge.

"Hey guys. I don't have time for that speculation. That's a joke to me," he started off by sharing.

"I have one of the best job in all of professional sport. Why would I have any interest in coaching college football? Never say never. But never."

Then came a line that should slam the door shut.

"There's not a booster with a big enough blank check."

As you can see from the video, Tomlin's response was pretty heated.

Before getting up and walking out, Tomlin added "Anyone asking Sean Payton about that? Anybody asking Andy Reid stuff like that?"