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Mike Tomlin has a message aimed at coaches who talk negatively about players

Coaches who talk negatively about players who are having trouble catching on are really seeking comfort for themselves, Tomlin shares.

For decades the best sound bytes we got from coaches came from their interactions with the traditional media, however, that has quickly changed over the last 5-10 years.

From podcasts like Chris Petersen's talk about his lack of a game plan for his life with former Kentucky high performance coordinator Erik Korem, to candid conversations on camera with former players who are entering the non-traditional media space, people are able to see a different side of coaches and players that is both honest and refreshing.

Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Mike Tomlin recently appeared on The Pivot with former Steeler Ryan Clark and Channing Crowder and Fred Taylor where the group covered a variety of interesting topics that Tomlin was able to provide his perspective on.

The veteran Steelers coach with two decades of NFL coaching experience, including under Hall of Famer Bill Cowher, shared some thoughts on what coaching really is that has been catching a lot of attention on social media.

Tomlin's barbs were aimed at the coaches who talk negatively about players who are a little slower to learn.

"I love to hear coaches resist the responsibility of coaching," Tomlin shares with a grin on his face, foreshadowing the point he is about to make before repeating it again for full effect.

"I love coaches who resist the responsibility of coaching, that talk negatively about a dude that can't learn."

"Man...if everyone could learn, we'd need less coaches. If the group didn't need management, then we wouldn't make as much.

"I don't run away from coaching. I run to coaching."

"It's all in line with not seeking comfort, because when you are a coach and you're talking about someone that can't learn, you're seeking comfort because your teaching is struggling."

Man. Let that soak in for a bit.

The interview is full of great insight from Tomlin, who earlier in the conversation opens up about the lack of minority head coaches in the league.

"We're talking about the head football jobs in the NFL. You're talking about some of the best 32 in the world in what you do."

"I've been in coaching me whole adult life, and been in the National Football League for over 20 years and I know the coaches, and I know some of the guys that are being denied are in the top 32."

Hear more in the clip.