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Video: Minnesota is looking to upgrade their facilities for "more than just recruiting"

Prior to Jerry Kill's arrival, the facilities at Minnesota hadn't changed much in the last 30 years, but since he's arrived on campus a number of changes have taken place to make the facility more modern and appealing to the athletes of today.

More upgrades are in the works, and athletic director Norwood Teague talks about the plans for a new athletic village in the latest episode of "Brick by Brick" outlining the upgrades that the university is aiming to make.

"All the facilities that our football team uses now, whether it be the indoor facility, to where they have their training room, or where they have their sports medicine or their day to day locker room, or where they have their meeting rooms were all built 30 years ago and they are small, and they are outdated on a number of different fronts. So we need a new building for football." Teague explains in the clip.

"Most of our competition has built one, and has probably remodeled theirs by now since we built one 30 years ago."

"So we've got to get up to date, for a number of different reasons...not just for recruiting, but also just because of space issues, and keeping it modern and more efficient."

The renderings featured in the video are really, really nice.

Hopefully they're able to get this done because it could turn out to be huge for Jerry Kill and the Gopher program. Just look at the turnaround they've had just tweaking the facilities...