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Minnesota has released a "Frogger" style game for you to play


The name of the game for athletic departments in the modern age of college football is to find a way to connect with your fan base, and there are an infinite amount of ways to do that.

Earlier today, Minnesota released an interesting game called Go Gopher Go inspired by everyone's favorite 1981 video game - Frogger. In it, you control Goldy the Gopher, and have to navigate your way through a sea of TCU defenders, and then onto Goldy's slide and push-up planks to get to the top of the screen.

Something tells me Big Ten fans are going to waste a good portion of their work day trying to beat their previous high score on this. Give it a try yourself via this link.

If we're being honest, I've already spent 15 minutes on it...and I'm not very good.

Minnesota opens up with TCU at home on Thursday, September 3rd (less than a week away) at 8pm EST.