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Minnesota and PJ Fleck created an interesting video to show off their gains of the off season

The off season is full of strength staffs across all levels pushing student athletes in the weight room to places that the vast majority of them couldn't take themselves so they head into the fall in better shape, and better prepared for the rigors of a college football season.

As the season nears, strength staffs crunch numbers to measure improvement from the beginning of the off season to the end.

Enter Minnesota, who has found a creative way to show off their off season improvement in the weight room with a sub-one minute video highlight of the workouts, along with the top performers, guys who made the biggest improvements, and an impressive layout of their overall strides as a team.


If you're a strength coach, you should seriously consider putting something like this together as something to compliment your resume.

Check out the clip for the full scope. Well executed idea from Fleck and the Gophers.