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Minnesota is wearing alternate helmets on Saturday

One of the axioms of coaching is that a new coach equals new uniforms. New coaches come in with fresh ideas and new approaches, and there's no better way to signal "things are going to be different now" than with new uniforms.

That hasn't proven true yet with P.J. Fleck and Minnesota, as the Gophers have stuck with their maroon and white "Block M" helmets through the first two games of the Fleck era. (They also have a gold one.) Now we know why.

They were preparing us for these bad boys.

Look at that thing! I know you've seen it twice already but I'm posting it a third time and you can't stop me.

Goldy Gopher here could gnaw your eyeballs right out of their sockets and you wouldn't even be the slightest bit mad about it. I haven't seen anything this terrifying and cute at the same time since my 2-year-old got his hands on one of my steak knives.

This is the best alternate helmet to hit college football since Tulane's angry wave.

Tulane angry wave

Now we just need to figure out how to get Minnesota and Tulane to meet in a bowl game.