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Mississippi State plays in Boston this week, so Adidas is dressing them like the Patriots

In a scheduling quirk rivaled only by Miami's visit to Appalachian State, Mississippi State on Saturday will trek all the way to Foxborough this weekend to face Massachusetts.

Adidas has marked the occasion with a special set of uniforms, and they're as notable for what's not on them as what is. There's no black. The numbers are legible and in their typical place. The chain-link base layer is gone.

The Bulldogs will look normal. They'll look, to be precise, like the New England Patriots.

Compare these uniforms with what the Pats wear on a typical Sunday.

BREAKING | MSU, Adidas Unveil Alternate Uniform for Game at Gillette Stadium


— MSU Football (@HailStateFB) September 19, 2016


Silver helmet with a red(ish) facemask, striped shoulders and a logo emblem above a blocked number font, all on top of dark pants. Where have we seen that before?


Hey, it's a nice look. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, after all.