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Mississippi State will pair its COA scholarship checks with Dave Ramsey courses

Dave Ramsey

If Mississippi State bought a new piece of weight room equipment, the Bulldogs would undoubtedly bring in an expert to show its athletes how to use it. If Riddell provided Mississippi State a new type of helmet, the company would assuredly provide a demonstration on how to properly utilize it. So it makes sense that with a new form of aid - money - the Bulldogs' athletics department is accompanying it with instructions.

Mississippi State AD Scott Stricklin announced through the Bulldogs' official blog that the program will pair its incoming cost-of-attendance scholarship checks with Dave Ramsey's financial training program.

“We want to make sure that they understand the basics of finance,” Stricklin said. “Not that we’re going to tell them what to do with their money, but to make sure they understand how to open a checking account, set a budget and things of that nature.”

As explained to Sports Day Now's Chadd Scott, the monthly classes will be a prerequisites for receiving checks.

Considering the staggering amounts of 22-year-old college graduates in this country who don't understand the basics of handling their money, force-feeding financial education is a good move on Mississippi State's part.