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Mississippi State center explains stomping on LSU defenders. We good here?

Tuesday update:Day has been suspended by the SEC for Mississippi State's Oct. 4 game vs. Texas A&M.

Saturday night was an incredible one for Dan Mullen and Mississippi State. Maybe Mullen's best in his six seasons in Starkville. His Bulldogs outclassed LSU in every phase of the game, racking up an unheard of 570 yards at night in Death Valley, as Mississippi State powered to a n0t-nearly-as-close-as-the-final-score 34-29 win. He called an incredible game.

The only downer of the night (other than the final three minutes, which Mullen said took 7-10 years off his life) were two plays by Bulldogs center Dillon Day, who stomped on Tigers defenders in the aftermath of two plays.

See for yourself below:

Today, Day released an explanation, and it appears he will not face punishment. His explanation was retweeted by a member of Mississippi State's sports information staff. Day's explanation sounds sincere - or, at least, at sounds as if Day sincerely believes his explanation - but he's not the only lineman that faces a similar situation throughout the course of a game.

Read Day's explanation below.

Coaches, what do you think? Is Mullen right for standing by his player, or should he have some sort of punishment for his starting center?

Dillon Day