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MMQB went behind the scenes with La'el Collins' agents


Robert Klemko of Sports Illustrated published an interesting piece this morning for those who followed the La'el Collins situation.

As a refresher, two days before the draft, word began to leak out that Baton Rouge police wanted to speak with Collins, who was expected to go fairly early in the first round, in connection with a murder of a former acquaintance of Collins the prior Friday. Once Adam Schefter reported the same, Collins and his group of advisers went quiet on the public while working behind the scenes to attempt to clear his name and get him drafted.

Well, we know how the story unfolds...Collins does not get drafted but signs a max guaranteed free agent deal with the Cowboys. Klemko's story offers interesting insight into the thinking behind the scenes as events transpired.

This past Sunday, Derek Ponamsky and I discussed our perceptions of how Collins' agents handled the situation. While Derek points out that this is truly an unprecedented situation and that the legal matter is far more important than his "draft status", I believe things should have played out far more publicly...and that Collins would have been drafted in the first round if they had been transparent from the get go. Have a listen.