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Monday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

There is no place for this in football

This is good stuff

The Steve Bartman effect is in full swing in Chicago during playoff time

Monster hit in a HS game...Dude never saw it coming

Thinking about Monday like...

— MaxPreps (@MaxPreps) October 17, 2016

The upper deck in Arizona is so hot that fans move with the shade provided with the light pole

...that's an interesting GameDay sign

This has to be the worst scoreboard situation in the country

Scoreboard situation.

— UAMensFootball (@UAMensFootball) October 14, 2016

The quote of the day

How about them apples?

An NFL game may have predicted the results of the election

The best from the weekend:

Darrell Hazell has been let go at Purdue

#Nuggets: Alabama is a lightning storm and other Week 7 thoughts

Watch: Jim Harbaugh works the chain gang while on a recruiting trip