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Monday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

What a perfectly timed photo

Gotta admire Minnesota's creativity here

Jon Gordon is full of great stuff for coaches

The Oscars were littered with mix ups last night (...pretty sure Michael Strahan called Matt Damon "Ben" on the red carpet)

(this lady is apparently very much alive)

(...and of course they awarded Best Picture to the wrong folks, Steve Harvey style)

Bill Paxton, of Twister and Independence Day fame sadly passed away, and a group of Oklahoma Storm chasers did this as a tribute

3 important things to building a championship minded culture

This is...interesting?

Only Bill Walton

The quote of the day

The best from Friday and the weekend:

The Offensive Line Creed

A number of rule changes are coming to HS football, including banning blindside blocks and pop-up onside kicks

Mike Pereira explains why inserting a microchip won’t make spotting the ball any simpler

Alabama football raked in more than $100 million in 2016

Friday’s One Minute Warm Up