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Monday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

-La'el Collins showcases everything you look for in a pulling lineman here.

-Notre Dame's mascot looks an awful lot like a budding rapper

-Elliott Uzelac, a former college head coach at Western Michigan and Navy - who retired to West Michigan - came out of retirement a few days before the season started at Benton Harbor HS and led the team to the playoffs for the first time ever. Friday night they extended that dream season with the first playoff win in school history. SVP and ESPN even picked up the story.-Two more FBS head coaching jobs opened up over the weekend (bringing the total FBS open jobs to 10), which means nonsense like this has officially started.

-Reggie Bush tore his ACL last night because (for some reason) St. Louis has a cement track exposed around just below the stands. This is 100% avoidable.

-JJ Watt is good at a lot of things, explaining things to the media is not one of them

-If you complain on Twitter, you may be at higher risk of heart disease.

The best from the weekend:

-Frank Beamer has decided to retire at the end of the year following 29 years leading the Hokies.

-Norm Chow has been relieved of his duties at Hawaii.

-The officiating crew from the Miami - Duke game has been suspended two games.

-12 pack of nuggets from Halloween weekend.

-HS player scores a TD, praises the Lord...gets ejected.

On tap tonight:

Indianapolis Colts at Carolina Panthers - 8:30pm EST - ESPN