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Monday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

-The quote of the day

-Fact: Effective communicators use GIFs on Twitter. Example #1,643 - Tom Herman

-This guy saved a kid's face last night who was too distracted by his phone to realize a bat was flying into the stands.

-Chances are you know someone with dyslexia. Here's what reading feels like to them

-Two grannies decide to take a Lamborghini for a spin and to grab a few groceries...

The top stories from Friday and the weekend:

Illinois has fired Bill Cubit

LSU and Wisconsin will kick off the 2016 season at Lambeau Field, so the Packers released a hype video

Is your weight program personalized to each player, or is it a cookie-cutter approach? Dwight Galt explains the Penn State approach

Which active coaches are climbing up their school’s all-time wins list?

Reports: Peyton Manning to retire