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Monday's One Minute Warm Up

To get the blood pumping:

- In case you missed it last night, a "Supermoon Lunar Eclipse" took place. This was one of the more interesting pictures captured of the phenomenon. The last time this happened was 1982, and the next time it will happen will be 2033.

- Just when you thought JJ Watt had it all, he goes and sets his sights on Kelly Kapowski...

- How did Calvin Johnson come down with this?

- Dogging on referees never gets old.

- Troy has busted out the tennis ball launchers at practice for receivers to use.

- This baby has Urban Meyer's facial expressions down before he's even taken his first steps. #Priorities

- Al Michaels is hipper than you think, and here's proof.

The top stories from the weekend:

- Make sure you catch up on the top nuggets of the weekend with Zach.

- Texas State defensive coordinator John Thompson stepped down.

On tap tonight:

- Chiefs at Packers - 8:30pm EST - ESPN