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Mullen: "They may be #1 on campus, but inside the facility we treat them like #2"

Dan Mullen is leading his Mississippi State squad through some uncharted waters at the midway point of the season.

Rarely over the past few decades has Mississippi State been in contention for the SEC title, much less a #1 ranking in the AP poll. The buzz around campus has to be electric, but back in the football facility, Mullen and his staff have had to find a way to keep their guys hungry.

While on the CBSSports show "We Need to Talk", Mullen explained their approach to staying focused, grounded, and most importantly, hungry for bigger and better things after their historic start.

"We tell our guys to go enjoy it. They're out on campus, go enjoy it with all the fans, get out there and enjoy being #1 while you're out in public with everybody, because we told em 'When you step foot back inside the football office, or you come to our workouts, we're certainly going to make you feel like #2'...I guess since we're on TV I have to say it that way," Mullen explained.

"They can feel like #1 in public, but when we get back to work, we make sure they feel like #2 when they leave."

Unrelated; but well, yeah: