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Multiple NFL teams not practicing in wake of NBA strike (Updated)

The NBA playoffs did not happen last night as players unanimously protested Wisconsin police's shooting of Jacob Blake. The movement immediately spread to other sports -- three MLB games did not happen, the entire WNBA also sat out, and the MLS protested as well.

The movement, predictably, hit the NFL on Thursday, as select teams decided to cancel planned practices in favor of holding team-wide discussions of how to affect change in their communities.

The Washington Football Team was the first to cancel its Thursday practice, announcing so on Wednesday night.

The Indianapolis Colts announced Thursday morning they will not practice today.

Neither will the Arizona Cardinals, Tennessee Titans, New York Jets, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, LA Chargers and Green Bay Packers.

Anthony Lynn had this to say after the LA Chargers skipped a planned scrimmage today.

The Detroit Lions' protest actually pre-dated the NBA; the Lions canceled their Tuesday practice to protest the Blake shooting.

The Baltimore Ravens practiced today and will hold discussions afterward.

It would be a surprise if the movement did not stretch to college football today as well.

NBA players and owners will meet Thursday morning to decide whether or not to continue the playoffs. That outcome could determine how widespread the movement becomes in football as well.

Regardless, leaders at the professional and college levels should prepare themselves now for how they would react if, God forbid, a similar incident were to play out this fall.

As always, stay tuned to The Scoop for the latest.

Update: Boston College announced it will not practice today either.

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