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NBC has scrapped plans to bring back the 90's hit comedy "Coach"


Back in March, news leaked that NBC was planning to revitalize everyone's favorite 90's sitcom with a refreshed storyline and 13 scheduled episodes for the first season.

The new series was set to pick up with now-retired coach Hayden Fox, coming back to coaching for his son, who had just been named a head coach at an Ivy League program that had decided to start a football program from the ground up. Star of the original series, Craig T Nelson, and co-star Bill Fagerbakke (known on screen as "Dauber") were both set to appear on the new show, as well as a few of the other original cast members.

Judging from the reaction to this tweet, people were really, really excited.

But there's bad news. Apparently that wasn't enough for NBC, as the website Deadline (which specializes in TV and movie news around the Hollywood scene) reported last night that the series has been scrapped by NBC after just a pilot episode. The article cites creative differences between NBC and the producers as the reason behind the cancellation.

There is a silver lining in all of this though, and that is that NBC's sister studio (Universal TV) will be shopping the series around, and Netflix is a logical, and potential landing spot.

I know that I'm not alone when I say that I'm crossing my fingers for Netflix to pick this series up and revitalize it so we don't continue to miss out on gems like this.