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NBC is reviving everyone's favorite 90's coaching comedy


After nearly twenty years since the last episode aired, word has leaked that NBC is picking up 13 episodes of a spin off of the TV show Coach, which originally aired from 1987-1997 on ABC.

The original version starred Craig T. Nelson as the head coach of the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles (and later the NFL expansion team Orlando Breakers), with Jerry Van Dyke serving as his lovable loyal assistant Luther Van Dam (who is now 83 years old). Other characters you may remember include assistant coach Michael "Dauber" Dybinkski (played by Bill Fagerbakke), and Fox's wife Christine Armstrong (Shelly Fabares).

According to People Magazine, the new show will center around Craig T. Nelson coming out of retirement to help his grown son, who is coaching a newly formed college football team in Pennsylvania. Selfishly, I hope there's a cameo or two from characters from the original show.

Personally, I remember growing up watching this show every chance I had, and I'm sure that in some subconscious way, it fueled my passion to become a coach. With that said, it's good to see it being brought back for younger generations to enjoy.

For those that enjoy a trip down memory lane, I've included the opening theme of the original show, and a few short clip to enjoy below.