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NC State has an interesting way of introducing recruits to coaches

Recruiting has become a coast to coast ordeal every year for coaches. Programs in Michigan love to land them some Florida talent, but the longer the distance between the recruit and campus, the harder it can be to get them (and their family) to visit in the flesh.

North Carolina State may have an idea worth exploring. In addition to keeping in contact with those long distance recruits on the phone, they've picked up the camera and gotten with their video guys to give recruits a feel for the coaches through the eyes of some of the players.

Other programs have taken a similar approach, but this is really well thought out and executed, and could be really valuable, cost effective material for smaller programs to email out to players.

But here's an idea: Why stop there? Why not include some of the quotes from players on each coach's coaching style, or his off the field demeanor, or their first impression of the coach on the coach's official bio on the athletic website? Recruits and fans look at those pages to get a feel for coaches beyond just their resume and coaching experience, so why not give them what they're looking for?