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The 6-minute motivational speech that your team needs to see


Considering it has 28 million views and counting, you've probably seen this motivational video before.

The man behind the voice you hear is Eric Thomas, and he claims he's the most successful motivational speaker in the world. N.C. State brought the self-proclaimed Hip Hop Preacher in to speak to the Wolfpack. I couldn't possibly do his impassioned words justice with a simple transcription, so I would advise you to watch the video. Here is a summary of the truth he drops on the Wolfpack:

- You talk about starting from the bottom. What's your bottom? You've been worshipped since middle school. 

- You have to take advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime in the lifetime of the opportunity. You have an opportunity right now that you won't have five years from now. 

- The worst thing in the world? An athlete growing up in poverty, getting worshipped in college, and then returning back to poverty. 

- Being in love with the process of becoming a champion is more important than being in love with the prize of being a champion.

- "A real man in the dark, when nobody's watching he's putting in work." 

Watch how the sweat slowly advances on Thomas' shirt as he gets more and more into his message.