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NC State takes you inside the work it takes to get the field ready for gameday

It's easy to walk into a stadium on game day without even thinking of all the work that goes into getting the field ready for two teams to collide on it. Hundreds of thousands of fans (and coaches) do it every weekend without a second thought.

This video profiling the grounds crew at NC State's Carter-Finley stadium sheds some light on the enormous amount of work that goes into getting the field ready, and its just short of backbreaking.

"For the first game, we'll come in the Sunday prior to the week of the first game and get all the logos down, then we'll go ahead and take those off and line them they'll be down all week." Derek Liles, the Wolf Pack's director of on-campus facilities explained.

"Then on Thursday, we'll come in and we'll do lines, and numbers, and the hashes, and the white in the end zones, and we'll have a little black we'll have to do. That takes all day...probably 9-10 hours and 65 gallons of white to do."

That's a lot of meticulous attention to detail, while being bent over at the waist for hours on end.

"On Friday, we'll come in and do all the red. That's the only thing that we do on Friday and that'll take 6 hours and probably 100 gallons of red."

Next time you look out on a finished field, think of the work that went into it, and be sure to thank your facilities guys.