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NCAA announces Leadership Collective Platform to highlight coaches and administrators of color

In an ever-evolving battle to identify and evaluate the landscape of senior administrators and coaches of color, the NCAA announced today a plan that they hope will shine a light on qualified candidates of color moving forward.

The database is being called The Leadership Collective and the release shares that it will be:

"A networking profile database that allows senior athletics and school officials to view career profiles of seasoned people of color who are athletics administrators and coaches. The profiles will detail their job experiences and responsibilities, educational backgrounds and professional development involvement. The database will include accompaniments, such as videos, as well as descriptions of their personal philosophies and interview questions and answers that provide additional insight on their experiences. The NCAA leadership development department will manage the initiative."

In order to be included in the database that will provided added visibility to senior-level decision makers, candidates are being encouraged to complete NCAA Leadership Development programming. Those in the database will be able to create profiles and manage their own information to be viewed by upper level decision makers.

The plan is for school presidents, chancellors and athletic directors and conference commissioners to have access to the database at some point in "early 2021."

In August of 2020, in a move that was universally applauded, Maryland head coach Mike Locksley announced the creation of the National Coalition of Minority Football Coaches whose goal has been to "prepare, promote, and produce the next group of coaches at every level.

This platform from the NCAA seems to be the latest step forward in leveling the playing field for minority candidates who have been underrepresented in key coaching and administrative roles.

Head here to see their full release.