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NCAA approves limit of 20 headsets for game day use

The NCAA's Playing Rules Oversight Panel has passed a rule limiting each team to 20 headsets that can be used on game days, the NCAA has announced.

Further, the Panel has designated which staff members are permitted to use one of those 20 headsets. Fifteen are reserved for the head coach, his 10 assistants and four graduate assistants. Another four are reserved for players. And the 20th headset may be used by one support staff member.

Headsets used for non-football purposes -- medical, game operations, security, IT -- are excluded from the 20 count.

"The Division I Football Oversight Committee spearheaded the rules change, which is intended to clarify and limit the maximum number of headsets while still allowing adequate coaching and student-athlete teaching opportunities," the NCAA said in its release.

The rule will go into effect for the 2018 season.