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NCAA clears Boise State to shelter homeless football player


The internet was ignited into a righteous fury when KTVB-TV's story on homeless football signee Antoine Turner was picked up on Deadspin

In short, Turner lost his mother at age four and then was displaced by Hurricane Katrina nearly a decade ago. He landed at Fullerton College, but didn't have a place to stay in the gap between his last day at Fullerton and his first day at Boise State. Government housing mandated that Turner couldn't live with his uncle, giving Turner nowhere else to go. 

Accompanying the news story was a disclaimer from Boise State's compliance department reminding the orange and blue faithful that any sort of outreach constituted an NCAA violation since Turner didn't officially report until June 6. People wanted to do something.

Less than 24 hours after the story went viral, the story changed. The NCAA provided Boise State with a waiver to provide aid to Turner, and the Broncos responded. 

For all the negative press the NCAA heaps upon itself by the bushel, this is exactly how the process is supposed to work. A student-athlete needs help, and the NCAA removes itself from its red tape handcuffs and swiftly does the right thing. 

Now if only they could be this version of themselves, the kind and nimble NCAA, more often.