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NCAA extends dead period through June 30 -- at least

What was expected last week became official on Wednesday. The NCAA has pushed the dead period through the end of June -- at the earliest.

The NCAA's Division I Council Coordination Committee could extend the dead period even further in a meeting later this month.

"The Division I Council Coordination Committee extended the recruiting dead period through June 30," Wednesday's statement read. "The committee will review the dead period dates on May 27 and could extend the dead period at that time."

Anticipating Wednesday's announcement, earlier this week the NCAA allowed coaches unlimited phone calls with prospects. The NCAA originally enacted a dead period on March 13 to last through April 15, and kicked it out on April 1 to the current deadline, which was set to expire on May 31.

While the NCAA is shutting down in-person recruiting for at least the next month and a half, the National Junior College Athletic Association is freeing its schools to resume in-person recruiting starting this weekend.

The recruiting market has responded to the COVID-induced cancellation of the spring evaluation and official visit period by producing a record number of commitments, most of them closer to home than one would anticipate in a normal environment.

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