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NCAA has convened a special convention to prepare for some dramatic changes

Recognizing that they cannot move forward as an organization the way they are, the NCAA is convening a special convention to rewrite their constitution and some dramatic changes are on the way.

In a release this afternoon, the NCAA has announced that they are convening a special convention that is set to propose some dramatic changes to the NCAA model that we all know.

In an effort to adapt with the changing landscape of college athletics, the organization is looking to redraft the NCAA constitution, led by a 22-person review committee. That committee will include university presidents, league commissioners, athletic directors, and student athletes from all NCAA sponsored divisions as well as others.

"This is not about tweaking the model we have now," NCAA President Mark Emmert shared in the NCAA's statement

"This is about wholesale transformation so we can set a sustainable course for college sports for decades to come. We need to stay focused on the thing that matters most — helping students be as successful as they can be as both students and athletes."

The release adds that the committee will "propose a new system of governance and rules enforcement that further contemplates the role of national oversight and places appropriate responsibility at the school and conference levels."

Just months after the NCAA told lawmakers that they needed help with NIL legislation and requested legal protection, they're now preparing to rewrite their entire constitution.

The timeline?

The committee will be formed in August and get to work immediately. Final proposals and actions are expected to be taken at the NCAA convention, which takes place in January.

The release essentially recognizes that the NCAA cannot move forward as an organization the way they are currently set up.

See the full release here.