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The NCAA made over $1 billion in 2017, and they want you to know how they're spending that money

Anytime anything is mentioned about the type of money the NCAA pulls in, the conversations about paying players seems to get louder and louder.

Well, after nearly breaking $1 billion two of the past three years, the NCAA eclipsed the $1 billion threshold in revenue for the first time ever during the 2017 fiscal year, making nearly $1.1 billion.

To help proactively answer the question of where that money comes from, and more importantly, where it gets distributed, the NCAA put together a website to help educate people, starting with this interesting little 30-second clip where the NCAA touts their mission..

A majority of that NCAA revenue comes from two sources, the website points out. Nearly $821.5 million is earned in Division I Men's basketball championship TV and marketing rights, with $129.4 million coming in the form of championship ticket sales, with some other revenue streams coming from things like membership dues.

As for how the money is distrubuted, the NCAA shared this breakdown.


Head here to read the full breakdown.