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NCAA reportedly looking to limit number of coaches in press box, on headset

The NCAA has long stated its discomfort with the ever-growing staff sizes in football. They don't have a particular reason they're uncomfortable with it, they won't come out and say they want to take jobs away from coaches who already have them, but they're monitoring it and they want all of us to know about it.

Here was Big 12 commissioner, Division I Council member and Football Oversight Committee chairman Bob Bowlsby last April:

“I think that door has been open for a while. We’re seeing very large staff. We see non-coaching personnel doing coaching duties. It is one of our two priorities for the Football Oversight Committee for the coming year … looking at personnel and how personnel should be deployed in the football coaching staff environment.”

The NCAA, after discussions with the AFCA, tabled a proposal to limit staff sizes in January and in October issued a proposal that would standardize the number of staff members that can be involved in recruiting.

Now, another standardization is reportedly on the way.

NBC and Athlon's Bryan Fischer reported Monday evening that the NCAA is looking to limit the number of personnel that can be in the press box or on the sidelines on game day.

I'm no math major, but nine sideline headsets and six booth ones adds up to 15. One head coach plus 10 assistants plus four GAs also makes 15.

As with all things staff sizes, this change would be a bigger deal for some staffs than others. Expect those who would be affected the most to be the ones campaigning hardest against this possible rule change.