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NCAA to require annual sexual violence prevention education

The NCAA will begin to require coaches, administrators and student-athletes to undergo annual sexual violence prevention education, the organization announced Thursday.

The NCAA's Board of Governors is tasking school presidents/chancellors, athletics directors and Title IX coordinators certify that each of three above groups received their yearly education, plus:

  • The school’s athletics department is knowledgeable about, integrated in, and compliant with institutional policies and processes regarding sexual violence prevention and proper adjudication and resolution of acts of sexual violence.
  • The school’s policies regarding sexual violence prevention and adjudication — plus the name and contact information for the campus Title IX coordinator — are readily available in the athletics department and are distributed to student-athletes.

The new requirement comes at the recommendation of the Commission to Combat Sexual Violence, which was created a year ago and is composed of presidents, administrators, coaches, student-athletes, sexual-violence experts and advocates.