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NCAA Football Oversight Committee recommends two changes to spring practices

The proposals, which would both further limit tackling during the spring session, could be approved Wednesday and would go into effect immediately.

Wednesday Update: Both proposals have been approved.

The NCAA on Tuesday announced two changes to spring practice regulations recommended by the Football Oversight Committee.

One proposal would limit full contact to no more than 75 minutes of a non-scrimmage practice.

The second proposal would ban full contact from occurring on two consecutive spring days.

The proposals are not tied to each other. One or the other could pass, or both, or neither.

The recommendations must be approved by the Division I Council, which meets Wednesday at the NCAA Convention in Indianapolis. 

The changes were suggested by the Playing and Practice Season Subcommittee. The FOC unanimously supported pushing the recommendations for approval by the D-I Council.

If approved, the changes would go into effect during the 2022 spring football session.

As a reminder, spring practices can occur over a 34-day period, with no more than 20 hours of team activities per week. Teams may practice 15 times over those 34 days; of those 15, 12 may involve contact; of those 12, eight may involve tackling; and of those eight, three may involve 11-on-11 scrimmages. 

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