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NCAA tables proposal to limit staff sizes

The NCAA's various committees overseeing football have been looking at standardizing staff sizes and the number of staff members that can meet with recruits for quite some time. Here was Big 12 commissioner Bob Bowlsby, a member of the Division I Council and chairman of the Football Oversight Committee, in April:

“I think that door has been open for a while. We’re seeing very large staff. We see non-coaching personnel doing coaching duties. It is one of our two priorities for the Football Oversight Committee for the coming year … looking at personnel and how personnel should be deployed in the football coaching staff environment.”

On Wednesday, the NCAA tabled a discussion to place any parameters on staff sizes.

From the release:

The Division I Council, acting on a recommendation from the Division I Football Oversight Committee, tabled a legislative proposal designed to set parameters on football staff sizes.

The proposal would have required schools in the Football Bowl Subdivision to designate 30 individuals who will participate in on-campus football recruiting activities.

However, after receiving feedback from head coaches, directors of athletics, compliance administrators and conference offices, the committee decided during its meeting at the NCAA Convention that the issue needed further discussion.

“I went to the American Football Coaches Association meeting, and there were a lot of questions about how this was going to work,” said Bob Bowlsby, the chair of the oversight committee and commissioner of the Big 12 Conference. “The coaches wanted to know who was going to be included, how they would be certified and who was exempted.”

The head coach, his 10 assistants and four graduate assistants would account for half of the 30 designated staff members that could have recruiting conversations with a prospect or that prospect's parents.

No timetable was established for a vote or further discussion on creating a hard-and-fast limit. "We want to get this right," Bowlsby said.