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NCAA to allow teams to replace coaches who go under quarantine

Mack Brown seemingly broke some news on Tuesday morning.

In a conference call with local and national media, the North Carolina head coach revealed that the NCAA was allowing teams who temporarily lose coaches to COVID-19 diagnoses and/or quarantines with GAs and/or analysts.

I reached out to the NCAA for further clarification and, it turns out, this is not a temporary COVID waiver that snuck under the public's nose. The rule was already on the books: Replacement Due to Extenuating Circumstances. [A] An institution may replace temporarily or on a limited basis one of its countable coaches if the coach is unable to perform any or all of his or her duties because of extenuating circumstances (e.g., suspension, prolonged serious illness, pregnancy). The replacement coach may perform only those coaching, administrative or recruiting duties, including the telephoning of prospective student-athletes, that the replaced coach is unable to perform. 

Here's hoping this little-known bylaw doesn't need to be used this fall, but it's there in case it does. It's always been there, in fact.

The next step -- one that would have to be made on a staff-by-staff basis -- is that coaches who do not feel comfortable returning to work for the entire 2020 season must not be put in a situation where they're forced to choose between their life and their livelihood.