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NCAA to furlough 600 staff members

Today in an email, NCAA President Mark Emmert let staffers know that they will have unpaid furloughs varying from 3-8 weeks. These furloughs are set to begin in less than 3 weeks on September 21st. The NCAA is also offering early retirement and voluntary separations options to staff members. 

The staff members furloughed for 8 weeks will not return until January 2021. The length of furlough is to be determined by the function of the employee’s duties. This change will affect roughly 600 employees. 

This news is hard for some to swallow as the NCAA’s annual revenue closed in on $1.1 billion in 2019 alone and NCAA’s President Mark Emmert made $3.9 million last year. 

While the furloughs will not effect senior executives, earlier this year, at the onset of the pandemic, it was reported that vice presidents were to take a 10% pay cut and senior management would take a 20% pay cut.

The NCAA’s website lists three priorities- academics, well being and fairness. Maintaining those priorities with reduced staffing will be a challenge for the NCAA to manage. 

"We are committed to supporting our member schools and conferences and student-athletes in every way possible, and yet I expect that some of our services to membership may be limited or delayed during this period furloughs. I ask for your patience as we all strive to weather these difficult times together” Emmert wrote in his memo.