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These two North Dakota logo concepts are spectacular

We're on record disapproving of the "Fighting Hawks" nickname North Dakota chose for itself after being forcibly shed of its long-held "Fighting Sioux" identity. In fact, in our run down of the seven finalists this summer, this is what we wrote of "Fighting Hawks":

In the end, the choice has to be Sundogs: it’s native to North Dakota while also tying into the state’s Scandinavian heritage, and it’s unique without sounding unfamiliar.

The seven names will be put to a public vote at a still to-be-determined date, allowing the masses to bring UND into a new era. And I think we can all agree that as long as voters don’t choose “Fighting Hawks,” everything will be alright.

But if North Dakota were to go with one of these designs pictured below, our stance would have to soften.

Award-winner designer Dane Storrusten took a swing at two Fighting Hawks logos, and they're both spectacular.

"The challenge was to create some positive momentum amidst an undesirable scenario, by offering some supercharged visuals that could help fans envision the possibilities of the new name and future UND brand," Storrusten wrote on his website. "After working through several concepts, two primary mark variations were selected along with an adjusted monogram lockup. They aim to demonstrate the breadth of possibilities ranging from traditional to progressive."


Both are excellent but, in a tough call, I'd go with Concept 2. It harkens to North Dakota's Native American roots in a style less resembling the Philadelphia Eagles' logo.

Which one would you pick?