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Notre Dame's strength staff proves their student-athletes wrong with this video

If I were to make a list of strength coaches most likely to never participate in a lip sync video, Notre Dame's director of strength and conditioning Paul Longo would be near the top of that list.

But it looks like I'm dead wrong. At the Notre Dame OSCARS ceremony, the strength staff debuted a video where the entire staff (including Longo) get up and lip sync to "Happy" by Pharrell. The clip starts with the staff being confronted with suggestion box forms from their student-athletes labeling the strength coaches "mean, stern, scary, overblown" and just plain "grumpy". Looking for a way to prove those reviews wrong, the music (and fun) then starts. 

After fighting the urge temporarily, even adamantly declaring "No, we will not be a part of a 'lip dub' video" after one coach gets things rolling, Longo eventually succumbs to the catchy beat and participates with the rest of the Irish strength staff.

The OSCARS event looks like it was a fun one, because they also released this video of their coaches reading tweets from their athletes.