Credit: Nebraska athletics

Oftentimes coaches of all sports can contract a serious case of tunnel vision. They focus on their sport and their sport only — and with good reason, obviously. But there are plenty of times an answer they may seek can be found on another coaching staff in their own department.

Nebraska AD Shawn Eichorst has come up with an idea that could combat that: a coaches’ council. The goal is as simple as its name: for coaches of all sports under the Big Red banner to share ideas about how one sport can help another.

“We’ve designed it in a way that it doesn’t have an agenda,” Eichorst told the Kearney Hub. “It’s just an opportunity for everybody to take a deep breath, sit around the table and talk about current events and their program — whether it’s recruiting, how you’re going about visits, or the academic side, or time demands. We’re just trying to think of a lot of ways to get folks plugged in with everyone else.”

The volleyball team couldn’t give Mike Riley’s football staff advice on how to solve Wisconsin’s blitz packages. But they could have a wealth of knowledge, for example, on how to handle the problem of keeping up with players’ school demands when going on the road for a weeknight game.

This could be an idea worth replicating at your school. Even if the NCAA doesn’t make you do it.

(HT Kearney Hub)

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