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Need some laughs? We've got you covered

If one (or all) of these three don't make you laugh, well, we've tried...

Exhibit A: TPS Reports...taken to the next level by Arizona AD Greg Byrne.

Pardon the acting, but here is our take on Office Space. Yeeaahh...I'm gonna need you at #OurHouse on Sat.

— Greg Byrne (@Greg_Byrne) September 7, 2016

For reference... Enjoy the original masterpiece: Exhibit B: Next level trolling here by some beer guys. Can you even imagine how many cases of this stuff will be sold around UT?

Exhibit C: Listen to Tom Herman explain the time he unwrapped a punter...???!!!

. @CoachTomHerman on the surprise given to him by the special teams players as part of weekly skit/production

— Joseph Duarte (@Joseph_Duarte) September 7, 2016