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"Negative body language can be very cancerous," so Mike Brey explains how he combats and corrects it

Notre Dame head men's basketball coach Mike Brey has led Irish basketball to heights that the program had previously never seen before since taking over in 2000. That run includes 11 NCAA tournament appearances and a handful of NIT tournament appearances as well, with back-to-back Elite Eight appearances the past two seasons.

One of the things that Brey teaches in his program - that I know a lot of football coaches are sticklers about as well - is fighting negative body language after a poor decision, or mistake. We've all seen a quarterback jump up and down in frustration after missing a wide open receiver, or a player on defense smack the ground after missing a tackle instead of getting up to pursue the ball carrier.

As Brey explains to the Positive Coaching Alliance in a video from a few years ago (back when Jerian Grant was coming out of South Bend destined for the NBA), that type of stuff can be cancerous to a team, so he's found ways to combat and correct it.